Dr. M.Abdolahad

Chief Scientific Officer
Ph.D. in Nanoelectronic Engineering

Mohammad Abdolahad was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1982. He received his Ph.D. in Nanoelectronic Engineering from the University of Tehran in 2013 and immediately joined the university as a faculty member in the school of electrical and computer engineering. During the recent 4 years, he published more than 25 papers and 9 USA Patents in the field of cancer detection by nano electronic devices. He introduced CNT-ECIS, SiNW-ECIS, NELMEC, Metas-Chip, and CDP as new miniaturized systems for cancer diagnosis. Dr. Abdolahad is generally interested in designing clinically relevant medical devices. One strong focus of his recent research is developing new technologies for detecting suspicious lesions in breast cancer surgery as a real time system. He won the “Best Young Inventor” medal of WIPO in 2016 based on his research and developed systems on the technology of cancer diagnosis. He is now the coordinator of nano bioelectronic devices lab in UT and Adjoint Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.