Accuracy of cancer diagnostic probe for intra‚Äźsurgical checking of cavity side margins in neoadjuvant breast cancer cases: A human model study


Background: Background Recently, a real-time system, named cancer diagnostic probe (CDP), has been developed to diagnose the presence of pre-neoplastic/ neoplastic cells in breast cavity side margins. Detecting mechanism is real- time determination of the ROS/H2O2 released from cancer or atypical cells, through revers Warburg effect and hypoxia glycolysis pathway.

Aims: Here, we designed a human model study based on real-time checking of 387 internal margins (IM) from 39 neoadjuvant breast cancer cases by CDP.

Materials & Methods: Each lesion was checked by entered needle sensor and electrical scores were recorded. The permanent pathology result of each tested lesion was our gold standard to evaluate CDP scoring. CDP result were compared with permanent pathology of tumour side margins (as a conventional margin evaluation procedure).

Results:  results showed that the sensitivity of CDP in scoring the cavity side margins of those cases is 91%. A total of 18 involved IM which had been detected by CDP were declared as free margins in pathology section of tumour side samples just five involved IM were missed by CDP.