About Us

Nano Hesgar Sazan Salamat Arya is a Knowledge enterprise that has started working in the field of Designing and Manufacturing medical equipment and products with advanced technology in cancer diagnosis and treatment (including microfluidic chips, nano biosensors, graphene-based sensors, diagnostic probes, nanowires, and nanotubes).
The company’s primary goal is to develop and commercialize innovative, science-based products in medical equipment. A pioneer group of graduate and post-graduate students in various fields of study (including electrical engineering, chemical engineering, biology, polymer engineering) in partnerships with a leading group of breast cancer surgeons, oncologists, and pathologists are participating in achieving this goal.
The company’s lead product, CDP (Cancer Diagnostic Probe), is an advanced technology developed for breast cancer surgery. It helps cancer surgeons to detect and remove cancer cells in the inner margins in a real-time manner during the surgery.
Our other product, RDSS, is a real-time ROS detection system that identifies ROS in the fresh sputum samples containing respiratory and inflammatory cells (active for ROS production) to identify reparatory diseases.


Scientific Advisors

Dr. Akbari

Prof. Mohammad Esmaeil Akbari, Cancer Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Dr. Abasvandi

Faculty member, Research Institute of Breast Cancer, University of Tehran Jahad.

Dr. Hosseinpour