Presentation of Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad, the 2019 Mustafa Prize Laureate in the upcoming EISA Summit

It is an honor to announce that Dr. Mohammad Abdolahad, winner of the 2019 Mustafa Award, will deliver a speech at the next EISA Summit on his recent success, “RDSS (ROS Detector in Sputum Sample) for Detection of Inflammatory Respiratory Diseases.” This system is used in the corona pandemic to screen affected individuals from healthy and to diagnose underlying respiratory diseases that are very important in this period.
The 5th EISA Summit, with a focus on the fields of Health and Medical Equipment, is to be held virtually from 30th November to 7th December 2020.

If you or your colleagues would like to establish communication, on the common fields, with him, please contact EISA Secretariat via WhatsApp No. (+989034517349) or

For further information, visit:

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